Quickly share your audio on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram

This week I launched Vizibop which takes your MP3 or WAV track and turns it into a video. You can download the MP4 video and share it on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram or any other place you want to share your music or podcast.

Vizibop is a online audio visualization maker. It is designed to be super easy to use. It was built so you can quickly create a video without the complexity of layers and complicated interactions like you find in something like Fruity Loops ZGameEditor Visualizer.

We believe the effort and time required to make a video for your audio should not get in the way of sharing more of your creations. If you are anything like me, you create lots of ‘sketches’. You should be able to create and post a video of your sketch in a matter of minutes. Vizibop is designed to do just that.

With literally thousands of animations to choose from, and further variations with a simple set of knobs and dials, we think you can create a video, with minimal effort, that matches your style. You can see examples of the videos you can create with Vizibop in our showcase.